I would have left you eventually
Perhaps it was a good thing that you left before, instead
Thus ensuring that I’d remember you
With loathing, if nothing else

And that means you needed
To be someone or something to me
A memory at the very least, even if a horrible one
That I’d erase in a breath, if I could

Unforgettable experiences are all we’re all after
Having them and being them

Happy remembering, memory!

9 thoughts on “Unforgettable Experiences”
  1. Ditto Apoo, i think there is no such thing as 100% satisfaction hence we always want to fix broken things(including dreams), irony is , we do so with memories as well knowing that they cant be changed. I hate bad memories!

  2. so if you had left earlier,
    you would be remembered with loathing?
    and it was ok for you to do
    but not someone else?

    maybe i am just missing the point here..

  3. I just had to run, and run I did,
    Away from me, and that’s the truth.

    I kept runnin’, looking back, at the memory
    That I was leavin’ behind,

    Alas! Runnin’ in one big circle,
    Not seeing that I was runnin’ towards you again!

  4. @ Apoo: Perhaps because pain is much more potent emotion than pleasure?

    @ st: That’s not for me to say. People behave differently after all. Personally I don’t remember people who walk away from me, fondly.
    And there are no judgement calls here; this is an expression of emotion.

    @ Brad: You hurt me. You heal me. You hurt. You heal. Where do you end and I begin?

    @ Pravin: LOL….that is if I’m right in thinking that you’re thinking whatyou’re thinking!

  5. @ Cynic: Yes. I’m reading Milan Kundera’s ‘Ignorance’ and he has some wonderfully profound things to say about remembering. Read it.

    @ Aseem N: Thank you. I hope remembering wasn’t a painful experience for you, though.

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