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I’ve been blogging for eight years now. From having an obscure hobby, to being part of the geekcrowd, to editing to press quotes to being ‘discovered’ by social media professionals and labelled with such words as ‘influencer’, it’s been a long and eventful time. Last year, I had a chance to take it to the next level when Payal asked me to be a part of the ‘Writing for new media‘ workshop that she had put together for the Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2011. That day long jamming it up with Moksh and Payal was nothing but pure fun.

Write Click

Payal and I both got wrapped up in other things and it was nearly a year before we managed to get together again. Thus was born Write Click, a series of web writing workshops. We started with a two-session workshop on ‘Social Content for Branding‘ with the Avignyata team.

This was followed by our first for-the-public workshop on general blogging, content creation & community management in February. We had a paltry few registrations till 4 days before the workshop. Then suddenly, calls and emails started flooding in and our ‘Unboggle the Blog‘ had a full house. The response was so overwhelming that we had to repeat the workshop within a fortnight for those who couldn’t be accomodated the first time round. And in March, we took ‘Unboggle the Blog‘ to a slicker, glossier venue at MET college.

We’ve had memorable experiences in each of the workshops. The most inspiring, heart-warming story from our February workshop is that of Amar Jain. This bright, friendly law student emailed us to tell us of his interest. And then he mentioned that he was visually challenged and used screen reading software to navigate the internet. It hadn’t occurred to us before this conversation but Amar reminded us that blogging was free, completely democratic expression for anybody. Not only did Amar attend the first ‘Unboggle the Blog‘, he turned out to be a valuable reference for the legal aspects of content. He was also one of the group leaders in our final exercise.

The next ‘Unboggle the Blog‘ brought us cheer in the form of a participant from Nashik and two others from Pune. We also tightened the format and added a few extra things.

Our last ‘Unboggle the Blog‘ was at MET college and a personal phenomenon for me. From student to alumnus to recruiter to faculty, this event completes a full circle for me as a member of the MET community. Our participants included five faculty members as well as the head of GyaanExchange, which partnered with us for registration.

And I’m happy to announce that this month, we take ‘Unboggle the Blog‘ out of Bandra and into the suburbs. The next ‘Unboggle the Blog‘ workshop will happen on 28th April 2012 at InOrbit Mall, Malad. Our focus right from the start has been to make our workshops fun as well as informative for the participants. This might be a different group from the ones we’ve had an opportunity to be with in past workshops. Conducting the workshop in a mall, and a popular ones at that also opens up a range of possibilities for us, in terms of activities & exercises.

Here are the details of this event:

Unboggle the Blog @InOrbit mall, Malad on 28Apr

As with other media like magazines, newspapers, radio & television, the social media has its own unique personality. A tweet, a status update, a blogpost, an email, a comment or even a shared link have their own code and language. This workshop will look at blog creation & viralling, microblogging, managing conversations and community building. Participants can expect to learn:

  • How to create engaging & sustainable conversations
  • How to manage responses
  • How to initiate and drive conversations
  • How to build communities

Date: Saturday, 28 April 2012
Time: 10AM-6PM
Venue: InOrbit Mall, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai 400 064
Number of seats: 20
Fee: Single-Rs.2300 ; Group of 3- Rs.6000

Registration will be confirmed on full payment. Entry to the workshop will be on presentation of receipt.

To register, email us with ‘REGISTER FOR UNBOGGLE’ in the subject line at:

Ramya Pandyan: ideasmithy@gmail.com
Payal Shah Karwa: thewordjockey@gmail.com

You can also call us at 9870964781 or sign up through GyaanExchange.

Connect with us!

We are Ramya Pandyan (Ideasmith), writer/blogger and Payal Shah Karwa (The Word Jockey), an independent communications consultant. Both of us have been keen users and observers of this space, since its inception. We each have a corporate background as well as writing experience across different media including social media. Each of us also enjoys good readership on Twitter and our blogs.

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