Twory: Twocial Etiquette

And this is Kunal.”

Are you on Twitter?

Yes, I’m @c00nal.

I don’t think I FOLLOW you.

I don’t follow you either.

Kunal frowns as he turns to the Hot Dog stand.

I think I hurt his ego a bit.

You just met!

Social boo-boo, telling someone you don’t follow them on Twitter.

What rubbish, nobody cares about these things.

Some people do. Maybe he’s one of them. Shit, I blew it.

Shh, he’s back. Ice-creams? Isn’t that too…I don’t know…something?

Ice-cream is cool.

Or maybe it’s c00nal.

No, this is c00nal.

He says, holding out a spoon with a bit of ice-cream stuck to it. It’s green, not an appealing shade for food, she thinks.

Ooh, you got her an ice-cream, c00nal?

A bite-sized version.

He grins.

A twitterized ice-cream.

She replies, smiling back as she takes the spoon.


* Also posted at Social Mantra.

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