Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth#1 – Ken Kristensen: Ugly People & Brown Paper Bags

Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth #1Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth #1 by Ken Kristensen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A funny/depressing story of people’s little cruelties to each other and the problems that these stem from. Todd is a little boy whose parents make him wear a brown paper bag over his head. He also routinely gets picked on, bullied and unfairly punished for other people’s mistakes. Miraculously, it never pushes him into despair and he takes a magical view of the world, interpreting every action as if it came from good. His misadventures take you into the lives of several other dysfunctional people, including his depressed mother, an escapist father, a delusional cop, a minor celebrity with a secret, and a convict.

I couldn’t tell for sure with this one issue but there may be an element of magical realism (those Ben & Candie dolls incidents are bizarre, otherwise). This issue ends with Todd having gotten into and out of jail and returning to school to find a new student being introduced to the class – with a bag on her head.

The story is very promising and the Character Summary is even more intriguing. I’d love to read the rest of the story. I got this issue from Netgalley.

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