I’m not happy. I’m just not totally completely, wildly happy.

And there’s this bad habit of picking on scabs, self-inflicted or otherwise. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s always self-inflicted.

I finally have an answer to…

Jinn zakhmon ko waqt bhar chala hai
Tum kyon unhe chede jaa rahe ho?

and it is…because it feels good to feel something, that’s all.

Pain, like wine, must be consumed in moderation and deliberation. Isn’t that why you nurse a drink and you nurse your wounds as well? *Hic*

8 thoughts on “To Your Good Health”
  1. @ arZan: Just blue. A blue mood. It happens sometimes. But awww…thank you so much for caring to ask! And hey, don’t you kid me, I’m nothing more than stardust in your galactic presence! πŸ™‚

    @ Pensive Lawyer: Yup, another planet unless you agree to meet mid-way, know what I mean?

    @ Cynic: *Sigh* Yes, I know.

    @ rambler: I’m back to all addictions! πŸ˜‰

    @ greekalphabet: Whew, tell me about it. And till then, breathe, fellow-addict!

  2. I see the wise Ideasmithy…nobody can possibly draw a metaphor of wine and pain, better,wow!
    Kyon hai yeh arzoo
    Kyon hai yeh zustzu
    Kyon dil bechain hai
    Kyon dil betaab hai

    S’s last blog post..For D

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