Time out

XXFactor and the many faces of this woman need a face-lift. Or a kickstart. Or brakes. Or just some time to think.

Oh, don’t bother betting, I know I’m going to be back. Not even denying it. But huff…puff….give a woman a chance to breathe, will ya? This much unwarranted attention gets even to me.

Came back and edited the post after hitting ‘Publish’. Okay, I’ll tell you what I need the break for. I need time to think about where this blog is going and what I’m going to write about next and how. Why don’t you tell me?

So my dear readers, who have so loyally guffawed, snorted and sniffed at my posts, tell me what draws you here. Tell me what sort of posts you like, what you don’t like and drop a suggestion or more about what you’d like to see here next. All feedback, positive and negative is completely welcome.

And oh…in case you’re wondering, the Idea-toons take a break as well so don’t worry (at least for the moment) about being plagued by the little Asian girl. I’m all for listening. For real this time.

TALK to me.

8 thoughts on “Time out

  1. Well I was introduced to your blog a month ago by the google search engine…now that u are ready to talk your reasders …can I ping u directly on yahoo messenger?

  2. I come here everyday because most things you write strike chord with me..I am disappointed most weekends when you don’t post anything..

    What I like in your posts? Most of them..especially the hilarious events in connection with experiences/experiments for the ever elusive Mr.Right.

    Also the insightful commentaries on the why people are acting like they are..Half the enraging moments in my life have been great food for thought and psychoanalysis of all kinds and I like to read whatever you write !!!

    That probably covers most things you write about!! Except for a few posts I can’t relate to everything is a great read. I read quite a few old posts, even tried to find the first post you might have written, not sure if I found it, I found great many interesting reads, “nalla tamizh ponnu” and others..

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