My timeline is full of people ranting about public transport, musing about their tech issues, soliloquizing about cricket and pontificating on lunch.I’m in there too.

@pelf81: Will continue looking for shops selling GPS after a late lunch with Mum. (@ Plaza Low Yat w/ 14 others)

@mayankdhingra: consternation

@ideasmithy: Drat! Stupid song stuck in my head. “O mujhe ik pal chain na aaye, sajna tere bina…judaai, judaai, hai kaisi judaai” URRRRBGGGGGHHH!

@unfairandlovely: Dear People. Please come back to your adult selves. Children’s Day is long past

@manojnayak: Carrot juice mixed w pomegranate juice, is good.

To all those people who thought that speaking to oneself was a sign of insanity, Twitter says FUGGG YOU BITCHES!!!

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