We doesn’t know whether to feel good about being one of the few women on the blogsphere or annoyed in advance at the khee-kheeing and pirouetting that our male counterparts are going to be doing in response.

Why indeed are women being less expressive? After all these years of being described as the chatterboxes, the talking half of the world and all that…..this reminds us of one JAM session in our college days where we was the ONLY woman on the panel. All the guys were sweetly condescending and promised not to be too harsh on us. We guesses that they learnt a good lesson in when to be chivalrous and when not, when we walked away with the prize.

Hmph….we needs to tom-tom our achievements(?)to assure ourselves that women are indeed the way the world is running these days. Oh deyaam all those pop-psychology books, they only ends us confusing us.

Back to the topic on hand, women, for gawdssakes….sit up and take notice!! Its faintly insulting to have such little representation on the blogsphere…makes men assume that we don’t have anything of interest to say….and the whole world knows better than that, doesn’t it?

11 thoughts on “The Smaller, Louder Half”
  1. “makes men assume that we don’t have anything of interest to say….and the whole world knows better than that, doesn’t it? ”


    trying to reassure yourself are you?

  2. In my role of a ‘supporting-male’; I choose to be a commentator most of the time, thereby being one less active male blogger!

  3. @ ineedadrink: We needs to give you OTS (one tight slap) when we meets you next! U isn’t allowed to laugh at such deep soliloquy!!!!!

    @ Megha: Yeah, isn’t it? More blogging then!!!

    @ Brad: 🙂 We likes you. A lot.

  4. Dec. 30, 2005 — The days of men dominating the Internet may be over, a new study finds. But, according to the study, the two sexes use the Web for very different things.

    The study says 68 percent of men and 66 percent of women now go online. Since women make up a larger portion of the population, that means they outnumber men in cyberspace.

    The Pew Internet and American Life Project surveyed more than 20,000 men and women over five years as part of research sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trust, a Philadelphia foundation that focuses on informing the public and supporting civic life.

  5. Well not in my part of the world, where 64% of bloggers are females according to some international online survey:) There is hope!

  6. @ Duhita: Ahahaha….I’d have considered shifting there just to be able to meet more women bloggers but praps I should stick around here and keep the movement alive! 😀

  7. I am surprised… are we* really one of the few women on the blogsphere? (*Of course by we, I mean you & me and not you & you)

    Thought there were lots of us out here… hmmmm…

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