The Memory Of Earth

For some inexplicable reason I’m missing a time, a mood, a frame of mind and the life I had when I wrote this. When my posts numbered in single digits a month, but every single one was a memorable one, when they were set in the dark backdrop of my mind, mirrored by the black template.

When relationships were seeds to be watered, saplings to be nurtured,
not poison ivy hedges to be negotiated, oak forests to be pruned.

Only because my blog’s search facilities don’t turn up results as quickly as my memory does, here it is reproduced.

Elemental Seduction – May 20, 2005

Morning stirring to life sleepily
And joyously
Like a very young, naughty child
Going in a minute from sleeping cherub to little terror

The mighty Earth lays open majestically
Ocean running little waves over
Like sweet kisses on her lover’s face
The first touch of a new day

And the dance begins
Dazzling sunlight sets Earth on fire
Parched to moisture, solid to fluid, he is drawn inexplicably
Till he finds his respite only in the cold, mystic Ocean

But she stays calm and placid
Both soothing and indifferent to his burning need
Washing over his fevered surface
And locks him in a quiet embrace

But noonday madness passes without the culmination
Ocean, aroused and frenzied, too late
Will still not overpower the mighty, majestic Earth
The moment has come and gone

The setting sun casts a final, yearning look
With one gentle, loving caress of light over the water
And fades away
And Earth survives one more day

Ocean will rage through the darkness alone
And come to her senses just in time
To welcome the morning
And wait to ensnare her elusive lover again.

The Earth rests in contentment, one hopes. What never was, probably never should have been. I hope you’re safe and sound and happy where you are. And I’m grateful that you were ever a part of my life.

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