The Lucky Writer

The promise of morning turned into a winking evening outside my window as I completed my story. Some days I feel lucky, so very lucky.

I haven’t been blogging for awhile. Much work has been coming my way, professional blogging and the workshops. Somewhere through all this, the almost-winter of Mumbai passed into my favorite season of the year. It’s time for cool showers twice a day, ripe mangoes and plenty of talcum powder. It has been nearly a year since I moved out.

The book is finally complete. I feared that I’d experience a sense of loss at not having something to hold onto anymore. But the day I sent it out, my two-and-a-bit year old baby out into the open universe, I felt such a sense of giddiness, you wouldn’t believe. And almost immediately other things have whooshed into the place it has left before I had a chance to brood over it. Maybe I did take too long over it.

There are new curtains on my windows. Actually they’re quite old, nearly a decade or so. I chose these curtains, my first experience of building a home, when we moved out of the tiny pigeonhole flat that I’d grown up in. 11 years later, they still come out of the wash as sturdy, comfortable and subtle as they did the first time I hung them up. They really cut out the heat during the hellacious times of the day. And in the evening, swaying in the slight breeze, the mild blue-and-white tartan print makes me think,

“I’m home.”

I’ve finished a deadline a little ahead of time and it’s evening. There’s another half an hour of daylight at best and no sun to scorch me. I think I’ll take a walk down just for old times sake or to enjoy the breeze. Days like this make me feel so, so very lucky.

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