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  1. Been there , done that. In fact, after a certain amount of time, you experience a sense of relief(” I knew it “) in it happening with unfailing regularity

  2. @ Ravi: Actually the ‘quoted’ words were somebody else’s. And I don’t know if he is relieved by my consistency.

    @ Brad: Then we won’t tell them, will we? 😉

  3. Aaaachoooooooo…Sorry, Not today.
    Toooot tooooot…Errr..Train’s here. Later.
    Rickshaw guy, Left, no Right, no this Right, LEFT…Later, perhaps.
    Oh shoot, reached office. Tomorrow, same time?
    Zzzz….It’s Saturday 9.30am. Please…
    It’s well past midnight. Got to hit the sack. Tomorrow?
    Ooops. Heart attack. I am dying right now. Next Life, that cool?
    And so the saga continues…