The Idea-smithy is now open!

Welcome to the new home of Ideasmith! After all these years of living on rent, I finally have a place of my own!!!! The workshop has grown from being a little corner of Rediffblogs/Blogger/WordPress bandwidth to The Idea-smithy! I’ll take a minute to remind you that The Idea-smithy is a place, the workshop of my ideas, home to my creations. I am IdeaSmith, Chronic Thinker, Compulsive Blogger, Unabashed Ranter and I welcome you to this blog.

This blog-warming post has been too long in the offing, thanks to a few techno-bugs that needed to be sorted out. Before we proceed, let me thank the people who’ve made this possible:

saxy-dahling.JPGSakshi Juneja, bloggy-midwife and god-mommy to my new blog. Thank you Sakshi, for the push that made me drag my lethargic fingers from WordPress to my own domain. Thank you for the time spent on instruction, the patient listening to my hysterical “My blog vanished!!” whining and all the hours spent prettying up this blog. Thanks for taking the time out and for the genuine interest in helping set up this blog. The new Idea-smithy is as much your baby as mine!

Karun, an unobtrusive visitor to the Idea-smithy for awhile now. Thank you for the support, thanks for the quick responses to all my queries and thank you for the additional perspective,

You do realise that you will now spend more time maintaining this blog than writing?

Heard and understood, saar and I’ll try and keep the output at satisfactory levels. 🙂

Alap Ghosh, my knight in digital armour, thanks  for the incorrigible jokes alap-ghosh.jpgspliced with verbal rap-on-knuckles for hasty decisions and timely help in deciphering the techno mumbo-jumbo thrown at me these past few days. Thengyu, thengyu, thengyu and I’m taking you out to dinner to celebrate.


arzan.jpgArzan Sam Wadia, the gracious godfather of the new Idea-smithy for playing fairy godfather(!) and whooshing away the demons that threatened the existence of this new blog! With your bloggy-blessings, I embark on this new venture..


Finally, thank you dear readers of my old blog for your patience in the past few weeks. I really hope that you enjoy this blog as much as the older ones, if not more. Your feedback, comments and emails are more than welcome…they’re most important to me to keep this blog alive. So please sign off with your thoughts on each post you read and drop me a line every now and then to tell me what a great (or crappy) job I’m doing!


And now, start reading!

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