Some people need to run away before they can find their way back home.

The prodigal relishes the return as much as the welcome party does.

16 thoughts on “The homecoming”
  1. Many run away for a reason. But when they return, either they are a changed entity or the place they call home looks different.

    Some just run coz they didnt want any change…

    Whats it going to be here?

  2. apoo: Some run away because they WANT change.

    Swb: Thank you!

    Brad: You spook me. I wrote a line saying “10 days is all it took” and then erased it.

    Heretic: Hey there, long time no hear! Will call u sometime this week. My email is in case you forgot.

    d’yer mak’er: Will definitely not. Am going to venture by your blog when I feel up to facing that onslaught of dialog boxes again! Kidding apart, I did visit your other blogs…did u see?

  3. i know you won’t be clickin again at but just in case you’re not jokin….don’t have to go there…it was just one time pad stuff…i never intend to write anythin there…
    strangersinc is all where i where else!!!

  4. Just sayin’ hi. Liked your wonder years post. Save some of this material and write a book off it? Hemingway says: “I was not able to write anything about bullfighting for five years — and I wish I would have waited ten.”

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