Some men, when attracted to a woman, will tease her mercilessly,Β poke fun of her at every opportunity and make life as miserable for her as possible. It’s their way of drawing her attention to themselves without making it appear that they want her to notice. The more terrible they make her feel, the more attracted they are.

And I supposeΒ there is a certain romance in the love/hate relationship thing.

Makes sense and I should have seen it earlier. How come I didn’t? Because I was too busy reacting. Or perhaps because I thought they grow out of it after the teens.

2 thoughts on “The Calvin Syndrome”
  1. What a ‘deja vu’! Just yesterday, I was talking about ‘Calvin syndrome’ to a friend! Everybody talks about Calvin, no biggie. ONLY 2 of us said, ‘Calvin Syndrome’. We would be like ‘oracles’ to each other – beaten to death statement – now becomes a platitude!

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