Testosterone kicks

Saw ‘Dhoom’ this week. Simple testosterone-driven plotline: Thief makes a loot, cop chases him, thief gets away, cop gets smarter, thief gets faster, some dishoom-dishoom and all’s well that ends well.

I loved every minute of the movie….lived through every scene with each character. I wanted to be the ultimate ‘one’, own the flashiest gizmos, show off the best bod, deliver the slickest lines and have the smoothest moves. Is this what it feels like to be a man?
How simple-mindedly wonderful, how one-trackedly perfect…

Friend of mine says “Being a man is a pretty over-rated experience”. Ah sure…that’s what the rich say about money, the high-fliers about success and the celebrities about glamour. For the rest of us not in that league…we’ll always be spectators watching, wondering and envying.

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