I’ve already posted this here. Okay, now I know for fact that NOBODY reads my other blogs (boohoo….!!). Now, repeating, because I really have to know….

How do I migrate posts from rediffblogs.com?

In case anyone’s interested, I started blogging there and some of my favorite posts are lying idle at The Old Idea-Smithy. So, help, help, techno-knights in gleaming stainless-steel-and-plastic armour, ride to the rescue of this techno-greek damsel in distress!

5 thoughts on “Techno-greek squeaking very loudly now!!!!”
  1. huh?
    what are you on about…? i, for one, read all your blogs. except i lurk, and don’t comment

    but i have no clue how to migrate…so i’m not being helpful, am i? back to lurking….

  2. @ Ratz: Oh I am, I am!!! Deeply distressed by the attack of the techno-goons and buggers!

    @ Girltalk: Huh? Plizz to comment next time…gives my life some meaning and that…

  3. If WordPress doesn’t give you the facility, I am not sure if it’s possible…Unless youcould convince somebody to write a sneaky script!

  4. Let go… πŸ™‚ Newer posts will be more interesting than the older ones.
    I guess the “actual” coders and hackers would never have had heard of Rediff Blogs, hence no one would write a import script for it. And Rediff is such an a****** that they would not have a export functionality…

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