An Older Man

I went out with an older man, recently. The last time there was an older man was way back when. He didn’t add much to my life, except some invaluable professional wisdom (I was a new manager and in agony over it. He told me it wasn’t a popularity contest and that I needed my ... Read More

A Beautiful Man

I think it would be fair to say that in my choices in the opposite sex, I’ve been a ‘brains’ person, a girl who liked geeks. In those personality quiz thingies, my answers have leant in the direction of Einstein & Socrates rather than Brad Pitt & Adonis. My men have all been talkers, thinkers ... Read More

I feel like a character in someone else’s coming-of-age story

….the kind about a young man discovering himself, his faith, his relationship to his environment and where he fits in. The sort of story where his thinking is turned upside down when he meets a certain woman (usually older or bohemian or both). I feel like that woman. This woman surfaces in several instances of ... Read More

Why ‘Cougar’ Doesn’t Mean Cool

This is something the boy called me on my second date and laughed when I frowned. Awhile ago, it popped up again in a conversation and sparked off a wave of laughter. I glared. He grinned and said, “But the cougar is a beautiful animal!” No, the man just did not get it. Here are ... Read More

The May-December Couple

If you think younger men are a cinch, think again!!! This idea-toon on Stripcreator, the Idea-toons gallery, Facebook. *And…yes, the Idea-toons are back!! Remember the little girl in a green dress? With her pasted-on smile and Rude & Red ideas on men? Okay, I know I’m not little by any definition of the word. But ... Read More

The Man-Child: Tribulations Of A Twenty-Five-Old

I am really liking this. There is a new kind of man up and about and he makes me re-think all my notions about men and relationships. There was of course the spectacular younger man that I had the good fortune to be with for a brief while. And there are my other friends and acquaintances. ... Read More

The Younger Man

So I’ve done the ‘date a younger guy’ thing too. Don’t I sound deliciously cold about it? A once young nineteen-year-old me, on hearing about a friend’s new boyfriend exclaimed, But he’s younger than you! to which I got a succint, if somewhat stiff, “So?” Well, I don’t know. I guess I was just one ... Read More

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