The Neanderthal In The Nice Guy

I was watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (HIMYM) yesterday (and may I add what a tremendous improvement it is on the clichéd, hackneyed ‘Friends’?). Barney, (commitment-phobic bad boy) convinces Marshal (married, nice guy) to ‘stand up for his manhood’, which translates to refusing to help in the house and make sexist cracks at his ... Read More


Head on your lap One leg crossed over the other And lying on the sofa, Watching TV I was picking at an old scab A wound that left an ugly mark To remind me of all that I desperately try to forget A strangely satisfying activity, that. And I was telling you Of things that ... Read More

Debating On UTV Bloomberg Techtree – eBooks vs Real Books

I was on TV last week!! UTV Bloomberg has a show called Techtree, which is half an hour of entertaining clips and titbits relating to technology. I discovered it after I got interview by them about our Twitter group’s work at The Wall Project. The show has a slightly different format now and a new ... Read More

Is Thapad Ki Goonj…

Move over politicos, stock markets and temperatures…the queen of the media makes news again! After another day spent panicking over the state of ‘the common man’ following the antics of our local politico-goons, Mumbai really must be back to normal if the news is any indication. Let’s check out what India TV thinks is big ... Read More

Hair raising on the tube

I’m practically de-sensitized to the trash overload from the television set. After all.. Got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from… But every now and then there comes along something that makes me sit up and take notice. It would have been a normal, frenzied rush-hour day just like another. And a ... Read More

Manguide 3: Hobbies & Interests

We know where they live. We know what they do for a living. But what do they do that makes their life more than an existance? I used to wonder at people who had no hobbies or interests at all….I mean, what is that all about???!!! Now I know a new breed of people. The ... Read More

Manolos And Sindoor

My latest obsession is Sex and the City. For the past few days I’ve been wrapped up in the love lives of Carrie, Samatha, Miranda and Charlotte, dazzled by the wardrobes and their lifestyles, amused by their incessant man-izing (!) and thoughtful over the dilemmas they face. Okay, I know I know, I’ve taken the ... Read More