The Sign Of Confusion

Confused? Be. How scared we are of confusion, to even admit to being confused. And how much shaming we endure when we do. Let’s face the cloud with eyes open and examine what it means to be confused. Sometimes people hide behind “I’m confused” as a way to avoid the responsibility of thinking. But if you’re reading ... Read More

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The Past In 55 Words

Some 55-word-stories, related and un-related. ~O~O~O~O~O~O~ The past is a tricky creature. It never quite stays in its place, does it? It defines the path we take. It makes us who we are. And perhaps it says something about who we will be. Can we ever truly detach ourselves from our pasts? I think not. ... Read More

Locked Heart

You cannot make someone love you. No matter how wonderful, talented, beautiful, fabulous, kind, generous or successful you are. It’s an immutable law of nature. Because the heart that is locked, contains its own key within it. Discovering that is every person’s individual quest and no one else has any business interfering with that.