Magical & Miraculous

What does a miracle mean to you? A miracle is a point of wonder. Something that stops us in our tracks. You’re just going along with your life, walking the path ahead of you and all of a sudden, you look to your left and there’s a sheer cliff face that you never even realised ... Read More

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Friends Of Books 1: 10 Great Vacation Reads For Children

Remember the Bournvita Quiz contest with Derek O’ Brien with its jingle that went ‘Ba-ba-luba-ba-ba-books-books-BOOKS!’? Much of a person’s attitude to reading depends on the books they’ve experienced, especially early in life. I was fortunate enough to meet a number of stories, early in my childhood. I think the best thing my parents ever did ... Read More

Islands Of Grief

You cannot ally with someone who does not believe in alliance. You cannot love people who don’t think they deserve love. You cannot live on somebody else’s island of grief. It certainly is a solitary place, the land of tears. And there’s no following a person who has made it their permanent address.

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