Back To School

I started teaching an undergraduate course at a college that is allied with the one from where I graduated. I have taken exams in this very building. I’ve also represented another alma mater years later in a college festival and performed on the stage of this one. Now, I take the same road, stop at ... Read More

A Bowl Of Soup For Hungry Minds

I wish learning were about curiosity, not a degree. I wish I didn’t live in a world where questions were deemed stupid, caring was uncool, interest was intrusive and curiosity killed. Because my curiosity is my compass, leading me mind-first into every path that makes it possible to be me. When what we know is ... Read More


Ekalavya If the mind is a willing student, Even a hand can be a teacher. Follow my writings on

Alumni Meet

If I had to write a book on ‘Things that they never told me about in b-school”, it would run into volumes that no one would read. I suspect that a lot of these things that ‘they never tell us about’ are not meant to be known to us at that time anyway. Some things ... Read More

A Music Lesson With Lolita

Good evening sir. Isn’t aunty home? Oh, I see. Thank you, I’m going to a birthday party, that’s why. Yes, I chose the dress. Thank you, sir. No… Please don’t. I’m not sure if you should. I’m not sure what is right. Yes, I practiced last time’s lesson. Well, 3 times this week. You are ... Read More