What Do We Owe Each Other In Shifting Normals?

After I wrote yesterday’s fan post about And Just Like That, I stayed up late reading reviews & the subreddit of the show. Well. There is so much vitriol. I believe most of it is the punishment our overly capitalist world is wrecking on anyone who hasn’t paid the requisite influencers. Add to that good ... Read More

Is This Feminist? – He’s Just Not That Into You

I love good romcoms because done well, they’re such refreshing narratives on how we approach love and falling in love. I was around for the golden age of romcoms and came of age with the genre’s steady decline. Since this genre primarly targetted women, it also echoed our evolution (even if not always well). I ... Read More

Content Marketing: The Power Of Story

Content Marketing, yet another buzzword added to the business lexicon. Let’s not go the jargon way. Let’s just talk. Every human interaction is a conversation of a sort. Negotiations are conversations. Transactions are conversations. Information exchange is a conversation. Relationships are a series of evolving and shifting conversations. The power to communicate leads to two ... Read More

Soap Rehash

Cougar Town is exactly like Sex & the City, except with a divorcee. They dropped Little Miss Muffet but she was probably on her way out anyway. Slut friend-check, over rational friend-check, female ‘jerk-man’ jokes-score! * Images via Wikipedia

The Superhero Fiasco

A common joke doing the rounds a couple of years back was that the measure of a man’s love for his woman was his willingness to sit through a romcom (especially Sex & The City, Confessions Of A Shopaholic & the Twilight series). By that same logic, I think I’ve achieved the status of devotion ... Read More

The Old Girls’ Club

Like all urban woman, sustained on a balanced diet of chocolate, over-named cocktails and credit card bills, I’m an SATCist – a loyal fan of Sex and the City. Of course I was looking forward to the movie with bated breath. And yes, I did that cliched thing that most women did. Watched the movie ... Read More