And Just Like That…I Found Friends Again

I’m liking where I am with regard to viewable content. I’ve spent a long time burrowing into books mostly because the video medium was garbage churned out by rich, privileged, inbred people who didn’t care about humans like me. But the streaming services are getting with it. And even if I’m only a novelty test ... Read More

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

It could be a lot of things. Commitment. A bribe. A power game. Love? Not necessarily. And there are things that have got nothing to do with sex. Like good looks. Religion. Rebellion. Daddy issues. Mommy issues. Alcohol. Everybody has a problem with sex. This is because everybody has problems. We spend our lives trying ... Read More

Madonna’s ‘Bad Girl’ – Feminist Or Not?

If you didn’t grow up in the 90s, you may not have seen this video. Indeed, you may never have experienced the phenomenon that was Madonna. Madonna was such an important reference in pop culture at the time, not necessarily because she was that talented but because of how she represented boundary-breaking of the time. ... Read More

Babes and Bimbettes

My advertising prof used to say “The only things that sell are money, power and sex.” Oh yes, we all know that. Especially the last bit. Probably never has sex been so big as it is these days. Talk item numbers, bar girls, Emraan Hashmi, AIDS awareness campaigns, rapes, same-sex marriages….okay, so we are getting ... Read More