A Year Of Lonely Love & Communal Grief

For JD It’s coming on an year since our last conversation. A week when we were negotiating our definitions of intimacy, proximity, boundaries & identity. Sadly, I don’t even have the records of that any more. My phone crashed abruptly, last month. This is the same phone that you helped me test. Well, not the ... Read More

The Internet Writes My Autobiography In Indelible Ink

Morning began with a text from someone I thought I had blocked. “Did you just dial me by mistake?” Eyes still sleep-logged, I thumbed through the unfamiliar basic phone I’m using in lieu of my flash smartphone (lying at the workshop for repair). Damn. He was right. I don’t remember if I had deleted him from ... Read More

Remembering Rehab Chougle

She blogged. She tweeted. That’s how I know her. She liked reading. She liked sharing. Many XXFactored links came from her. She was still a girl. She was almost a woman. She was both. And she was discovering her ideas about womanhood & relationships. She had ambitions like everyone else. But she also had questions, ... Read More

The BarCamp Mumbai 8 Round-Up

I spent yesterday at Barcamp Mumbai 8. This has been my first unconference in nearly 2 years. My last Barcamp was over 4years ago, overrun by techie discussions and only drew me because it had a teensy segment for bloggers. BlogCamp evolved as an offshoot of that. Yesterday was a pleasant return. For one, the ... Read More

XXFactored Jan2011: First Dates, Rapists, Chauvinism & Break-up Sales

It’s been a gritty month here at XXFactor. I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d have liked to (even though my Drafts folder is overflowing). My reading has been more sombre than usual too. Here’s starting the Valentine’s month with some link-love: ‘My strength is not for hurting‘: An anti-rape campaign targetted at ... Read More

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