I’m Looking For Our Normal, Mr. Everyday

I was Youtube surfing when an 80s playlist came up with an Amrita Singh song. It made me want to read, listen, watch and know more about her relationship with Saif Ali Khan. And why not? I am an older woman who was in a committed (and what I thought for awhile, was loving) relationship ... Read More

I feel like a character in someone else’s coming-of-age story

….the kind about a young man discovering himself, his faith, his relationship to his environment and where he fits in. The sort of story where his thinking is turned upside down when he meets a certain woman (usually older or bohemian or both). I feel like that woman. This woman surfaces in several instances of ... Read More

Why ‘Cougar’ Doesn’t Mean Cool

This is something the boy called me on my second date and laughed when I frowned. Awhile ago, it popped up again in a conversation and sparked off a wave of laughter. I glared. He grinned and said, “But the cougar is a beautiful animal!” No, the man just did not get it. Here are ... Read More

The Older Woman

A lot of men admit to having been attracted to an older woman at some point of time in their lives. Whether it was the adolescent yearnings towards the teacher/neighbor’s wife/friend’s mother or the preference in the later years for mature women (whether it is actualized or not), there definitely is something interesting here. Something ... Read More

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