Menstrual Cup Anniversary: Third Time’s A Charm

In a conversation with new cup users, I went looking for the chronicle I knew I’d written and realised I’d never published it. So here goes for my menstruating peeps, hope it helps! This is a recap and my learnings on my cup journey. I am very happy, now that I’ve figured out how to ... Read More

Wish Me Happy Woman’s Day Today And Here’s Why

Twenty-six years ago on this date, I had my first period. It must have been a Sunday or a Thursday (my school weekly holiday) and I had gone swimming with my father in the morning. I came home and changed into my favorite white cotton frock with a gigantic sash at the back that made ... Read More

Menstrual Myths and Products That Matter

Today is World Menstrual Health Day. I wonder if they chose the 28th of this month because of the 28 days that are a cycle average. Well, there is certainly a lot to be said about menstrual health and I think I do a lot of talking (and writing) about it already. But it appears ... Read More

Why Are Period Jokes Okay But Period Talk Not?

*Image courtesy Simon Howden on When I was in college, a guy leaned in and asked me, “Why was there blood on the dance floor?” These were the late 90s, Micheal Jackson was still alive, already white and not yet branded a pedophile. I shrugged. I had not understood the song anyway. “Because Susie ... Read More


Only a woman Can be both relieved and disgusted by the fact that she is bleeding. Not horrified. Or fascinated. We leave that to to the men. Men like to draw blood. Women just naturally shed blood. Why would we be afraid of it? That’s what I hate men most for. For revering something I ... Read More