Urban Domestica – Peace in Pieces

We must find our rituals of peace. We must find them in incompletion. We must create them in unpeaceful conditions. We must if we must breathe easy, sleep easy, live easy. Mine are domestic chores. There’s something about mundane domesticity that counteracts my dramatic larger than life. It grounds my fire intentions & my water ... Read More

An Any Person

Who are you when there isn’t anyone around to recognise you? Do you know this person? Even if it is but a few brief moments (and it can’t be anything but that because other people have a way of fixing us into specific contexts). Say you’re in a new place, waiting for someone who hasn’t ... Read More

Things You Hear In Silence

When I came across this performance a few years ago, I was moved to tears. I knew even then that it had lessons for me that I was not yet ready for and would need to keep returning to, to embrace them. Some time ago, I incorporated this idea into one of my performances myself. ... Read More

The Nature Of The Current

The birthday month has come and gone and I can only feel deeply grateful. It was the kindest thing to happen to me all year. I felt like myself in my own skin again. I felt home. And what else is more important to a Cancerian? Several people who have been very important to me, ... Read More

The Broken Glass Inside My Head

Last week I watched Deadpool. I hated most of it. It reminded me too much of a world that is always dancing on the edges of my peripheral vision. Memory is too close for comfort. I’ve been there. I’ve lived that life. The movie is made for and about people living safe, suburban middle-class lives ... Read More

When A Writer Falls Silent

It has been awhile since I wrote. And it has been a long time since I wrote an entry in The Thirty Diaries. I have of course, been growing deeper into the 30s. But for the first time in over 11 years, I’ve gone such a long stretch without writing. I just couldn’t bring myself ... Read More


Where do we look for the truth? And how do we know if the answers we find are the right ones? Several centuries of mankind and so much to show at the end of it…. science, technology, mathematics, art, culture, religion. Each one is an attempt to explain the universe that we see around us. ... Read More