I Will Listen

I’ve been in so many conversations. I’ve come back overflowing with so much. Wisps of other people clinging to me. They turn into dreams, into nightmares, into fantasies, into nagging nameless worries. Then someone says hello and they pass. I started to worry about losing myself in you, in them, in each person I spoke ... Read More

Who’s Here For The Screaming?

Summer is here and this time it seems harsher than it has been in past years. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not 2017 anymore. While the world is in turmoil in so many ways, it still feels like a better time for me personally than the last year was. Do we get ... Read More

What Women Want

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I run with my words Racing my thoughts Getting ahead of my emotions Because I’m scared you’ll turn away before I’m done But then I pause To catch my breath And realise you’re still listening And also that I’ve forgotten what I was saying Then you hold me close In a way I’ve never known ... Read More

10 Dating Don’ts For Men

So I just read this article by [Redacted] Guy (yes, that’s what he calls himself) about the ten things he wishes his dates wouldn’t do while out with him. He asks for suggestions, so here are mine. Considering it’s a long list (List! List! My favorite word again!), I put it up as a post. ... Read More

Manguide 3: Hobbies & Interests

We know where they live. We know what they do for a living. But what do they do that makes their life more than an existance? I used to wonder at people who had no hobbies or interests at all….I mean, what is that all about???!!! Now I know a new breed of people. The ... Read More