The “Do They Treat You Well?” Play

I was watching an episode of ‘Kim’s Convenience’ where a concerned (possibly over protective) family is talking to their daughter about her love life. One of them asks, “Does he treat you well?” And I realised no one had ever asked me that. Not family members, not friends, not classmates, peers or anyone who has ... Read More

The Taxonomy of Crushes

Recently I tweeted about a funny guy crush, this being a crush on a funny guy. “What other kind is there?” this man demanded, daring me to write a blogpost about it. So here’s presenting the taxonomy of crushes. Disclaimer: This is a work in progress and not comprehensive. Type 1: The Normal Crush This ... Read More

The Cages That Women Live In

You know what I find most burdensome, about being a woman? It’s the black-and-white nature of options available to me. It’s true that women’s liberation has brought reprieve to all my gender. We are not anymore constricted to the stifling role of a ‘little woman’. But this doesn’t mean that we’ve been liberated. We’ve just ... Read More

Reasons A Woman Should Stay Single

A guy I know, takes great pleasure in explaining to me, why he’s sooo thrilled to be a bachelor. According to him, if he were married, he’d have to put up with frequent calls from his wife complaining about the bai/her boss (depending on whether she’s a working wife or not), nagging and general discomfiture. ... Read More

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