Silent Gods – A Political Poem

This poem was written to the prompt ‘भारत भाग्य विधाता चुप है’ (Bharat Bhagya Vidhata chup hain).The Indian national anthem addresses the ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ (the benefactor of India’s destiny). This prompt suggests that the benefactor is silent. Trigger warnings: My poem contains other references to the national anthem & some of the political events ... Read More

H for Holy Censored Expletive! – Dharam Sankat Mein

I caught the media premier of a movie on Wednesday and am due to write its review. I thought I’d combine it with my April 2015 A to Z Challenge. ~O~O~O~O~O~O~ Paresh Rawal playing a man challenging society’s obsession with religion. Now where have we heard that one before? And a colourful godman, complete with ... Read More