Feeling in HDR

Do you remember that place? A time when every emotion was a Picasso painting? Vibrant jealousy. Mind-bending joy. Lucious fear oozing through pores. Jarring ecstasy coating the roof of your mouth, the back of your neck and the inside of your navel. Crippling wonder that made you want to stop and hold the cosmos for ... Read More

Jupiter’s Volcanos: We Are Both Sabu & Chacha

Sabu, an alien muscleman under the friendly stewardship of the moustachioed Chacha Chaudhry was an integral part of every Indian childhood. The caption that accompanied a panel preceding a fight scene said, “Jab Sabu ko gussa aata hain, to Jupiter pe jwalamukhi phatata hain” (When Sabu gets angry, a volcano erupts at some distant place ... Read More

What Do You Miss?

When you miss someone, you think of all that happened And wonder, Should I have said something then? Should I have laughed openly at that? And raised hell over this? It might have caused a fight, you realize, and say That’s why I didn’t. But if I had, I wouldn’t have been left with things ... Read More

On Gentleness

This. So much comes up in silence, even somebody else’s silence. I was struck in an overwhelming manner by Gentleness. Notice, when Ulay approaches the table where Marina is seated. He’s a goodlooking man, dapper and obviously confident. But all of that softens in the second he looks at her and walks up to sit ... Read More


I run with my words Racing my thoughts Getting ahead of my emotions Because I’m scared you’ll turn away before I’m done But then I pause To catch my breath And realise you’re still listening And also that I’ve forgotten what I was saying Then you hold me close In a way I’ve never known ... Read More

My Looks Are Not Your Excuse

I wasn’t a pretty child. Oily skin, stringy hair, gangly long limbs. Then puberty came along, and like a fairy godmother, bestowed me with a complete makeover. Suddenly I had the passport into BabeLand. That was an eon ago, long enough anyway to make me wonder whether the fairy godmother was really a wicked witch ... Read More


I miss you. I miss you without fully comprehending why I miss you. I miss you, wondering how it is possible for me to miss you. I miss you like that vague empty feeling in your stomach when you wake up suddenly at 3 a.m. and then remember you had a great dinner. I hold ... Read More

Haiku: Time, The Healer

The water of indifference wears away even the ragged cliffs of pain ~O~O~O~O~ Walls crumble I watch the dust fly Even my anger cannot defy time ~O~O~O~O~ Pain was power to create new life, after The bigger magic is that even that ends


I was surprised that you didn’t care so I went away And now I’m stunned to discover how much you actually do. Why does my absence make you feel so much more than my presence does?