Urban Domestica – Peace in Pieces

We must find our rituals of peace. We must find them in incompletion. We must create them in unpeaceful conditions. We must if we must breathe easy, sleep easy, live easy. Mine are domestic chores. There’s something about mundane domesticity that counteracts my dramatic larger than life. It grounds my fire intentions & my water ... Read More

Holy Matrimony, Holy Womanhood

‘Paraya dhan’ is deep-rooted in the Indian family’s psyche, even in this day and age of nuclear families and the few-but-definite number of househusbands. We talk about getting a woman ‘married off‘. Is it still not possible to visualise a world where the woman is not required to sever all relationships to her past, after ... Read More

Food for thought

I’d like to be…under the sea…. In an octopus’s garden In his shade… We would be so happy… Tere bina….jiya nahin jaaye… Got back from work at 8 and started a rush meal Emerged from the kitchen an hour later triumphantly…one square meal successfully dished out He looked at me blankly and said “Make that ... Read More


I am the only kid on the tree in pigtails I am rejection & peer pressure superimposed on intelligence & expectations I am the daughter who will one day be the ‘man of the house’ I am the big attitude-no boyfriends Alanis Morisette of the peer group I am the feminist preaching to ‘the boys’ ... Read More