A Year Of Lonely Love & Communal Grief

For JD It’s coming on an year since our last conversation. A week when we were negotiating our definitions of intimacy, proximity, boundaries & identity. Sadly, I don’t even have the records of that any more. My phone crashed abruptly, last month. This is the same phone that you helped me test. Well, not the ... Read More

Remembering To Be 18 Till I Die

I am such a sucker for nostalgia that on a day when I’m learning to put the past behind me, I go and ask Reema to pull me into this dare. She picked a year and now I have to tell you the highlights of my life. Here goes my 1997. I turned 18. Boasted that ... Read More


I am the only kid on the tree in pigtails I am rejection & peer pressure superimposed on intelligence & expectations I am the daughter who will one day be the ‘man of the house’ I am the big attitude-no boyfriends Alanis Morisette of the peer group I am the feminist preaching to ‘the boys’ ... Read More

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