Syntax/ Sin-tax

Is it that bad to speak rudely and call people names, all while they know you are joking?
Or is it worse to spew, through suffocating politeness, such sarcasm and venom that burns tiny holes in the people who hear it?

Apparantly the first, which I practise is worse. Appearances must be kept up at all costs in the professional world. Salaam to the necktie-nooses and strait-jacket suits. I dock my hat to the people I wouldn’t spare a glance for outside the office cubicles. And paste on a plastic smile to curb the easy camaradie I’d normally share.

For after all, sticks and stones can break a human being’s bones but I’m in a sea of machines here. If I don’t use the right words, all I’ll get is a pop-up window that says,

“Error!! Please check the code.”

….and re-boot.

2 thoughts on “Syntax/ Sin-tax

  1. Niether works for me!
    People either too thick skinned or too dumb or probably both.
    Think its got something to do with inertia.

    My machine on the other hand, I am convinced is a mole from IBM. It never says you cant do this, but promptly lies down and dies the moment I try to use it for something productive.

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