Monday is a good day for new beginnings. And new things start with shutting down the old. Enough said, enough done.

Expect great things from this blog and from me.
I may never live up to them, but expect anyway. Because I will. I’m me!

Phuket in the morning 

I am going back to being sunshine.
Good morning, world!

9 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Smithy!

    Contrary to my name, I do believe in the basic vitality that mornings bring! (Although I have a love affair with dusk – because for me that is the time for introspection, reflection, and homeward bound thoughts).

    Wishing you the best on your “fresh” start!

  2. Did I miss something? What’s all the brouhaha about? New and I mproved You!!! Eh? (Very bad photography btw)

    And what’s the password thingie? You experimenting?

  3. @ Sundar: I like that thought.

    @ Grey Shades, ineedadrink: :D. Thenk yew.

    @ Brad: I thought you were so not my critic!!!! Dammit all, why’re u so grouchy…you can’t even claim PMS!!And yes, the photo is back-dated, its from my Thailand trip.

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