Sunny days

I had very lofty hopes of this blog coming along on the lines of Dilbert. Hahahaha…I’d need to have some brains and equally endowed colleagues for that. As it were, my office capers sound like I work for a circus. Khee khee khee….here’s how this week ended.

New kid: I just realised something!
SNC: What?
New kid: It isn’t a sunny day. It is a Dharmendra day!
SNC: *Groan*
Me: That is such an Abhay joke.
SNC: I don’t even know who Abhay is, I miss the point of that joke completely
Me: Precisely.

3 thoughts on “Sunny days

  1. Damn! It took me a whole bloody 10 seconds to see the relation between ‘sunny’ and ‘Dharmendra’. You should have capitalized the ‘s’ in ‘sunny’! But that’s no excuse. Seriously, New Kid should be squashed like a bug for even making something up like that!

  2. Sreejith: You think so? πŸ˜› My, thats flattering…but I don’t think I’m getting anywhere near Mr.Adams while I have PJ Rani and SNC holding me down…

    Brad: Mr.NRI, time to come back to amchi Mumbai…you are forgetting your roots. πŸ˜€

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