6 thoughts on “Sulking

  1. Wow…you actually wrote this…People should read this. I believe either males or females in relationship do not express themselves entirely. There’s always a little hesitation with at times ego or complex that you might be perceived as weak. I do fear that I might be took upon as weak or insecure or child but thats the way I feel. One should let oneself free…Frequent fights, arguments and tiffs doesn’t mean that people don’t care about each other or not serious about relationship…It’s about both of them failing to identify and eliminate reasons, traits, habits, etc. that leads to such “No communication/expression” of feelings that actually fill the heart.

  2. @ Ashwin: Absolutely.

    @ Ashish: But perhaps they can be better in a way that we never imagined?

    @ Shady: Such is human nature.

    @ Duhita: Which movie would that be from?

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