Oh my stars! Help me someone, I’m still recovering from the split sides I have from excessive suppressed laughter. Who is the cause of my cheery mood, you ask?

Meet the man himself – Mr.Mannequin!


He doesn’t believe in needles or anything permanant scarring his peaches n’ cream complexion. But the gods of fashion dictate that tattoos are in a la Jolie (or considering the neighborhood, Rakhi Sawant). So Mr.Mannequin sports a tatoo painted on a …what do you call it? A body-suit with only the sleeve? Tattoo on, tattoo off…now you see it, now you don’t. Actually you see it all. Including where the sleeve ends and his not-so-pink white arm starts.

Oh but wait! It gets better. Blonde we are, as blonde as the Hilton girl, as gold as Goldilocks. Let’s add a tie to the tee-shirt. And oh, snorkelling might be fun, you think?


And just in case you lovestruck ladies are wondering where you can get to meet this delectable creature, trot over to Lokhandwala market. He’s the style icon for that peculiar breed we call Lok-hunk-wala. 

Curiouser and curiouser. 😉

3 thoughts on “Stylebhai

  1. oh you pore thang- that’s not a snorkelling mask – that’s more like a WW II aviators – only with glitter- in case the enemy pilot shooting at you couldn’t see you too well – the glitter serves the dual purpose of ensuring he know’s he firing in the right direction – and also makes him envy to style sense while you explode into a fireball in mid- air. nice.

    Senses last idea: The Usual Gang of…

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