Most people deal with stress by unloading it onto other people.

Remember that. I am posting this right now because I’ve just realised this.

Work is endless. Pressure is limitless. Competition is infinite. Disapproval boundless. The more you put up with, the more you get dished out. How reasonable is reasonable is upto you to decide. And draw for your life and for other people’s use of your life.

When your back is killing you, when you’re eyes are blurry and head throbbing with a hundred and twenty-two dull hammers, like mine is now….stop for a minute and think whose stress it is that you are carrying.

Anyone who dumps their stress on you isn’t worth carrying a burden for. No favours in the professional world. Or if you do, keep track of it and collect when its time.

Good. Having a day like this was worth it for this realisation.

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