Someone from the next cubicle

My first post on a subject I think about often – SNC (see title for full form)
SNC inspires most of my vehement posts, spurs my ‘competitive juices’ (read bile!) and is invariably the source of stupid questions, annoying gyaan and impossibly immaculate reports at discussions.

*Squeak squeak squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!*

Why the heck doesn’t he get the bolts on his swivel chair oiled? Swivel chairs are meant to swivel on anyway, not rock back and forth violently!!!
One of these days he’s gonna fly out of that chair. I can just picture him in his yellow tie and brown shirt and oily hair (and smile!) flying slow motion out of his chair…aah…thunk! Yikes, he’d land right in my lap if he sailed over the cubicle!!!

From conflict comes growth, said one of those numerous management books I read at college. Accordingly I have been issued my personal growth-inducer…you guessed it…SNC! SNC disturbs my aesthetic sensibilities with a frightening dress sense, intrudes on the chacha chaudri-like ruminations of my mind (*works faster than a computer!) with his thoughts expressed in loud, nasal tones.

* Mutter mutter mutter…*
* Ring ring*

Really must remember to turn down the volume on that damn phone’s ringer…the whole bloody office knows I’m getting a call…is there a way to customize ringtones on these Tata Indicom phones? I’d have a fire siren on at full blast and then a deep booming voice “Pick me up, you damn fool!!!!”“Hello?”

“Hel-ohhh? Can I speak to …., please?”
“Just a minute….hey,….phone for you on my line again”
“Who is it?”

Some jerk who doesn’t know the difference between two digits while dialing, obviously!

“No idea…you’re gonna take the phone?” I dare you to say no…what pleasure to lunk the receiver on your fat head!!! But my ear’ll be oily for weeks…grrrrr!

“Hello, who eez theez? Arre Hemant bhai, soo chey aapro????”

Only family could want to talk to that @#$% voluntarily!! Patee gayo…

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