Some day…

Some day, I will write a novel
Some day, I will get up on time and not be late for a single thing all day
Some day, I will smile the whole day and not wince, pout, scowl or frown even once
Some day, I will learn music and be the polished diamond, not the uncut one
Some day, I will dress the way I want to and to hell with anyone who doesn’t approve
Some day, I will really enjoy myself and not worry about the flip side of fun
Some day, I will actually do these things and not just build castles in the air

“Some day” is a treacherous phrase. It is a double-edged sword.

If it weren’t for our belief that some point in the future is waiting for us with all the dials set to “Perfect” when we can live all our dreams and be the best that we are and do whatever we please……well, there wouldn’t be a hell to go to after death, would there…because it would be on earth?

And this “some day” is what keeps that point in the future and very much distantly so.

Some day…I will figure out what this whole thing called life is about.
For the time being I’m running a minute…or two…or a hundred behind the rest of the world. Till I catch up…life is what’s going to happen “some day”.

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