Bah, why am I suddenly sounding like I swallowed an entire barrell of ice-cream soda…all bubbly and bright and cheery? I almost miss my Behind Cobwebs self. Seems like as long as I had a place to put mopey stuff in, I found stuff to mope about. And now that I’ve ordered myself to be happy, I’m following myself to the letter. Huh. I’m so obedient for supposed teenage rebel.

On reflection, why should I care anyway? It’s my blog and I’ve every right to be Soapy Bubbles instead of Murky Mud if I choose. And so I revel in my mundanity and my ordinary life. Ah, the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind.

Also I’m rather tired of the fashionasta attitude of ‘I’m so cool, I don’t care’. Go fug…I was never one for fashion anyway. Another barrel of bubbles coming up….

4 thoughts on “Soapsuds

  1. Obedient?? Hah! Rebel?? Hah!! Teenage?? Ha.. umm.. never mind..
    Soapy, bubbly, murky, muddy.. whatever.. it was all so good Behind Cobwebs! sigh…

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