My favorite time of the year has reached a close. I’ve been aflame, I’ve dried and crumbled and I’ve risen again. The flames caress me as gentle as a tender lover’s touch. I don’t fear them anymore. In memory of the more fiery summers that there were, which brought me to this one, a recycled post.

I burn, oh how I burn
All the bright sparks that flame around me
Catch in my dry, withering strands
Tiny prickles of heat
Silent glowing embers
And I smoulder
In ashes I sink from the weight
Of so much aridity
So much heat
Quietly I’m collapsing in on myself
But the insipidity that has clung on
Life notwithstanding
Hides my charred remains

I bid goodbye to the summer of 2007 and to the fire-demons of the past. And a warm welcome to the rains…maybe some day I’ll fall in love with you. Maybe that day will be today.

6 thoughts on “Slow simmer”
  1. I do miss the rains, I do… Strange i know, but the rains here are Cold. NOt like the warm, welcoming, fat-droplets-on-your-face cheery ones like in Mumabi.

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