Simi Garewal Selects India’s Most Desirable – Tacky & SpoofWorthy

Oh my god, Simi selects India’s Most Desirable….really? I wasn’t a regular viewer of her earlier show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal (actually, I don’t know anybody who will admit to being so) but I had seen a couple of episodes, not to mention the (debatably more successful) MTV spoof, Semi Girebaal.

I was curious (yes, bite me) about how this one was going to be different. Besides the promos have been hitting me left, right and center over Star World. This week’s episode with Siddhartha (pronounce the ‘a’) Mallya seemed to suggest that the young heir to the UB empire was a bit of a cad. I’m not sure whether Simi took a dislike to the lad or whether the show’s organizers did that to up the TRPs. I actually watched the program and was appalled how a convenient scene cut-and-paste could change the context altogether.

The episode was rather insipid actually. Sid Mallya doesn’t seem to have great screen presence but in any case, he isn’t a performer so I don’t see why he needs it. On the other hand, he did come across as a rather sensible and focussed young man (well, from what I could gather from the show), which rather unfortunately casts the show in rather poor light for positioning his first ever talk show as so.

I’m rather surprised to find that the look and feel of India’s Most Desirable is tacky and outdated. The lights are too bright and glaring, the sets remind me of the sidey gameshows of the early satellite TV days, so popularized by Zee TV (Tol Mol Ke Bol, anybody?). I’m guessing the show wanted to appeal to a younger segment so decided to chic it down and cool it up. The effort falls flat on its face, I’m afraid.

Simi Garewal’s frozen smile that never reaches her eyes is cringeworthy, not entertaining. This is neither as sensational as a Jerry Springer, nowhere as relatable as an Oprah, not even as aspirational as Karan Johar.

Doesn't that look like she's sticking a gun into Deeps?

And finally, the guests. Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Siddhartha Mallya and Sonakshi Sinha don’t surprise anyone by being on this list. But the toadying up to Simi (“You are the epitome of class” has been uniformly echoed by every guest so far) one can do without. But I guess being bullyed by Banshee Aunty and then having their parents simper over what perfect children they were, can kill anybody’s mojo.

In terms of guests, host and decor, India’s Most Desirable leaves only one thing to be desired – CHANGE THAT CHANNEL!

* I wouldn’t be averse to another Cyrus spoof of this, though. India’s most demented, perhaps? 🙂

21 thoughts on “Simi Garewal Selects India’s Most Desirable – Tacky & SpoofWorthy

  1. Well said, Idea. Got a glimpse while channel surfing, stopped for a minute, then flipped as fast as I could to get as far as I could.
    Bland, insipid, could inspire head banging in sheer dislike…to much toadying going on …

      1. @IdeaSmith, I guess she sells, how and why, don’t ask me, maybe StarWorld can tell us. Her earlier show (the very early ones) Rendezvous was tolerable, enjoyable when she had certain guests, but this one….all I can say is EEEEEEEEKKKKKKSSSSS! (Oh and sorry for the typo above, should have been “too”, not “to”). You know more to the point, so to speak, this kind of makes me feel as if the lady is trying to score a comeback. Unfortunately, today’s audience is far more developed and matured to accept this without grousing.

        As far as your NRI commenter goes, it would be very nice if the language would have fewer errors and those assumptions actually point out to the commenter having a grouse/grudge more than the blogger. Just my lil two cents, or should I say my “chavvanni worth opinion” 🙂

        1. @Kirti Kapoor: I’m just surprised that Star World would air this, considering the quality of their other currently on-air programs. As for ‘NRI’, I think it only adds to the humour quotient of this piece. 😉

  2. i too was curious, and turned it on for the first episode, but couldnt even tolerate half of it… have avoided it since then… seriously, how can star world air something like this???

  3. To ‘The Idea-Smithy’ (or whoever it is that wrote this article on Simi Garewal’s show),

    Although you might believe that your article comes of as very well researched and witty, I would like to bring you way off your high horse and tell you how bloody awful it was to read. It seems to me that you are an obnoxious individual who feels that your opinion matters and that you are intellectual enough to assess every piece or television as insipid. You clearly have no life other than to post rubbish on the internet and brainwash other like-minded stupid individuals to agree with you. I seriously hope you’re getting paid to write this because if not, I seriously feel sorry for you. You see, when I read this article, all I saw was some fat Indian, sitting safely behind their computer and insulting Simi Garewal’s show because you are obviously jealous. She looks awazing at 63 and here you are looking tolerable at best, at 20sumthing (probably because your writing style indicates that you’re not old enough to articulate a better piece). Then you go on to insult Siddartha Mallya…Wow jealous much? To a normal individual (who is not an arrogant self-righteous fool like yourself) Siddartha Mallya came of as a very intellectual, down to earth young man, who articulated himself very well on television despite the fact that he is not in show business. Simi’s questions did not make him look like a cad (although your article sure makes you look like one). On the contrary he presented himself as a well educated youngman with fitting arrogance since he is the heir to billions. Also his bartending act on the show, his soccer skills and the fact that he knows so much about his Ipl team, show how multi-faceted and well rounded he is. So basically what I’m trying to say, is Siddartha Mallya is one amazing hottie and the British accept definitely works in his favour…as does the fact that he basically dodged every Deepika question and completely denied any exclusive relationship that Deepika believes they have. I would have loved to see her reaction to the show.
    All in all, I wasted my time by writing this response just so that you know that you are a complete imbecile and you need to stop hating on everyone just because you hate your own fat, ugly-ass self. I also want you to know that everyone else also hates you and your stupid articles. Not just people living in India but everywhere. Your stupidity and small mindedness has astounded people on an international scale.
    Love always,
    the NRIs

    1. @NRI: Congratulations on managing a full comment, sweety. Now let’s try for some coherence. After that we can get to reading and full comprehension.

  4. @ Kirti Kapoor.

    No, your opinion is not worth a ‘chavvanni’. Conversely, it is worth nothing at all. Your comments exemplify that you have no novel opinions and you just follow those of others. IdeaSmith expressed her opinion and you blindly followed. Your comments demonstrate that your personality is one which illustrates the expression, ‘monkey see, monkey do’. You are a sheep that follows everyone else and doesn’t think for herself. You must be IdeaSmith’s number one ass kisser. You validate IdeaSmith, just as guests on Simi’s show flatter her. Likewise I want you to be aware of the fact that Simi basically is the epitome of class. How many 63 years olds do you know that look as amazing as her? Kirti Kapoor your picture shows that you are old and thus I want to point out that you look nowhere near as beautiful as Simi Garewal, despite being younger than her. So don’t be jealous.

    You write that today’s audience is too developed and mature to enjoy the show, and yet here I am, a young audience member that thoroughly enjoys Simi’s show. Countless others, from the ‘Y generation’ also like the show. So what do you have to say to that? Perhaps you are too old to be watching the show. Perhaps your age group is not the intended demographic? Did you ever think about that? Probably not, since you just reiterate the opinions of Ideasmith.

    By the way, did you ever think that maybe I was too dedicated to expressing myself (because I have personal views, unlike you) that I didn’t take the time to let grammar and spelling restrict me? *shakes head in a condescending manner* Nonetheless as an academic I have taken your ‘constructive criticism’ into account.

    I would also like you to clarify your ‘opinion’ on how my ‘assumption’ points to me having a grudge. I have no grudges. I am just disgruntled by the ideas that IdeaSmith puts forward and you copy.

    Much Love,

  5. @Flabzz a.k.a. NRI a.k.a montay:: The blogger can see where the comments come from. Changing your name doesn’t change your identity. How about you take your kinky perversions elsewhere?

  6. @NRI Simi Garewal might seem like an “epitome of class” to you but to me she’s a just a woman who has had abundant access to botox. The normal human being, at 63, is known to have wrinkles, grey hair and other signs of ageing. What Simi Garewal has instead, are frozen expressions and ageing features hidden under make-up and botox. An old woman trying to look younger by a few decades is certainly not an “epitome of class”. There are celebs who have aged gracefully and look their right age and are much more classy than Simi. So if you are smitten by Simi and so awed by her age defying looks, I would have you know that what you have appreciated and spent so much time defending is in fact FAKE. Also, people aren’t jealous of Simi (the mere idea is laughable) they have criticised her and the show for being mindnumbingly dull.

    @Ideasmithy great post, couldn’t agree more!

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