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  1. umm.. u know i had seen his comment on ur blog, the one that started it all i presume, “we should discuss this over coffee or wine or both” or something to tht effect.. as long as u had a fun month.. its all fine in the end.. isn’t it?? or is that too guyish a comment to make?? coz according to my logic, a lifetime of sadness is welcome if it is precluded by moments of utter euphoria, or happiness. If he dint give u tht kind of happiness then.. (wanna bash him up??) 😉 😉

  2. Now, who could these bloody males be! Just you let me know, and I’ll take care of each of ’em. Esp, the insensitive #1. Grrr…Seriously, what do these dodos think of themselves!

  3. @ Pragni: 😀 His identity is public information now. It was a fun month and more. But no more for now, I suspect I’ll be writing about it for a long time to come.

    @ Brad: Want another BIFF on the nose?

  4. Huh have you ever tried deliberately slow visualizations of the concerned being garrotted or guillotined?? (Personal favourite garrote)
    I do that almost always.. though admittedly recently growing less likely… but it is a great feeling… Try it….close your eyes and visualize… in detail… and every one of them… has served me good for 13 years since i was 14 or 15..