Shades Of Mediocrity

Ever so often, I tweet something that’s on my mind, not because it’s smart or funny or draws more visitors to my blog. I say it just because it’s on my mind and I feel like it’ll fester & die something nasty inside me if I don’t get it out. It’s usually not particularly intelligent things but I feel better, having said (or tweeted) them.

Then, minutes later, I find a retweet. Occasionally with a comment. Nowhere else am I made so painfully aware of my favorite line from my favorite Simon & Garfunkel song,

“But all my words come back to me,
In shades of mediocrity
Like emptiness & harmony
I need someone to comfort me.”

Sometimes I put words out there because I don’t want them inside me anymore. But they always seem to return. Far worse for the wear, at that.

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