Seeing stars

Where we are similar, we are nearly identical
We can tell what the other is going to say, beforehand
and yet, monotony seems light-years away
Because where we are different,
We are poles apart

Love was once like a gigantic wave of mercury sweeping over me
And painting me silver so all I was, was a reflection
Now it brushes by me, so breezily, unnoticed almost,
Like tiny star-studded light-pricks
And leaves behind a near invisible film of silver dust.

I can’t grasp it
I can’t even define it
Or see it well enough to point it out
I just know it exists somewhere, because I see these occasional glimmers
A flash, and they’re gone.

Maybe it never was love
But we were and still could be lovers
Starry-eyed and star-crossed ones, at that.

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