Score one for the techno-greek !

I’m very gleeful. I’m soooper-thrilled. Why? I figured out how to do something techno- all by myself!!! Yippppeee….look how easy it is to make me happy!

Now here’s the story:
I, like most people on the internet these days, have been plagued by requests from friends, acquaintances, business contacts and sundry strangers whose addresses are mysteriously lodged in my address book….to join a stooopid network called GAZZAG

The first torrent I just deleted, with thank you-but-no thank you notes to those concerned, explaining that I was already part of a few networks and didn’t need to be any more ‘connected. Yeah…I can be good-mannered too.

After awhile I just gave up being polite and deleted the mails.

And then one day, I gave in.

Signing up was easy and I figured it would just stop them from sending those damn invitations into my mailbox. Indeed they did. Connected I was. And how!!

The next day, my mailbox was crammed with notes from friends, acquaintances, business contacts and sundry strangers …(oh where have you heard this before?) Some were polite, telling me how they didn’t need to be connected any more (ah…that’s familiar too). Some were curt, some friendly (yeah sure, babe….I’m on!). And yes…there was….lets just call him Mr.Obnoxious.

Now a little about Mr.Obnoxious….a few people around here know him and may recognize him from the description. He is quite simply put…obnoxious! Has been ever since I’ve known him which is a long, long time. I won’t go into why and how he’s obnoxious….let’s just say this blog is reasonably PG-rated and I may lose that rating if I tell you the details of our conversations.

Mr.Obnoxious replied with

S*** my d*** and I’ll join your stupid network.

I wrote back saying,

Oops, sorry about that. I didn’t realise these idiots were spamming everyone on my address book. As your proposition, in your dreams!!!!

Today, I received another mail from him, appended to yet another one of those damn green mails.

My offer still stands.
S*** my d*** and I’ll tell you

This time I didn’t bother retorting. I wailed,

Oh damn….how do I get these bloody jokers out of my inbox??????

And he said,

S*** my d*** and I’ll tell you!

(Persistant, isn’t he? Yeah….)

In sheer frustration, I signed into the damn GAZZAG site and managed to figure out how to terminate the account. So now, hear one, hear all, I am not responsible for any more junk that lands in your inbox, no matter what they claim!

Also, plizzz plizzz plizzzz don’t sign up for this network, certainly not if I’m in your address book. ESPECIALLY not if I’m in your address book. I’ll take a cue from Mr.Obnoxious and send vile messages back till you’re forced to shut it down.

Also, if you’re wondering who Mr.Obnoxious is, to me, that I put up with such rubbish from him…..let’s just say its a pleasure to spew nastiness thats provoked by deliberate weirdness and not sheer stupidity. Go figure.

*Jumping up and down with glee*
This was more fun than writing a nasty retort to Mr…you-know-who-you-are πŸ˜‰

20 thoughts on “Score one for the techno-greek !

  1. For trivia:

    Gazzag’s attitude of sending out emails to people in an existing member’s address book has been citizised as spamming. Gazzag sends out emails not only to its member, but also to all friends of their members. These emails are repeatedly re-sent until the prospective member joins. When you create an account they ask you for your Orkut account and a naΓ―ve person might share their orkut login with them and this is where they get your friend list from. The worse part is that they don’t even ask you if you want to invite your friends and the chain continues!!

    [Source: From

  2. More fun than writing a nasty retort? … πŸ™‚

    The internet is heaven for those that need to prove to themselves that they can deal with technology. It is also heaven for those that mine this idiocy in the form of address book harvesting. It is also heaven for those that truly understand what’s going on.

    My obnoxiousness comes from knowing that the first of the kinds described above are pretending to be smarter than the victims that the second of the kinds above feed upon. My obnoxiousness also comes from repeatedly proving, without any results, to the the first of the kinds that they should indeed make effort to be smarter and not just act so. My obnoxiousness yet again comes from showing to the first of the kinds what to do to become smarter (e.g. scuking my dcik or learning more about spam techniques). And finally, my obnoxiousness will persist knowing that the first of the kind are dumb enough, not only to showcase their stupidity on a public interface like a blog, but also bring me into it to add to the nightmare.

    If I ever had a dream of the first of the kinds scuking my dcik, I’d shoot myself when I woke up. First, learn and recognize the distinction between obnoxiousness and the art of provoking futher stupid behaviour in the idiots of the world. You always knew I was smarter than you, what made you think this sad attempt at causing me embarassment would really pip me to the extent that you could jump with glee, WOULD ACTUALLY WORK THE WAY YOU PLANNED.

    Sir Obnoxious

  3. Rofl .. im lovin it….just coz i think i know who mR obnox is…cant stop laffing .. way to go gurl…and yeah i did the same thing last nite…boohooo that stupid gazabooga thing..ugh how i hate it ..

  4. @ Sir Obnoxious: What’s most obnoxious is that you consider yourself a peer of obnoxiousness…:p And by the way, I anticipated this reaction….I needn’t have mailed you telling you about this post, otherwise, right?

    @ Pooh: You do? Hmm…thats interesting, considering I don’t know who YOU are! Spread the word about this gazabazoo guys..

  5. Affonso Loyola
    Gazzag – Servicos de Internet Ltda.
    Av. Genaro de Carvalho, 1380, bl3 apto 205
    22795-078 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
    Tel: 55-2134313540

    That’s the ‘whois’ information; just in case you want to send your kind words across to the kind people at Gazzag.

  6. Gazzag sucks big time. I have around 500 odd contacts in Orkut – just imagine the number of mails I would have got. I got so fed up of the spam that I finally created a filter to ensure it doesnt clog up my inbox.

  7. @ Peeyush: LOL….apparantly my silliness is infectious… πŸ˜€

    @ Brad: Thengyu saar…I think I’ve pretty much shouted my point across from my soapbox. Also, ‘Sir’ Obnoxious and I have known each other for several years….see my post again!

    @ Pooh: Ah….*ping*…that’s the light bulb going on in my head. Peeyush, see here!

    @ Ravi: That really sucks. I’m going to put in a filter too, now.

  8. @Pooh and @IdeaSmith: Even if you guys chatted for all of 80 seconds; there is no way you would discuss Mr. Obnx with Pooh. And I have no idea what trip is Pooh on.

  9. @ idea: Lol wow good..the light is working eh?
    @ Brad:heheh i know i was on some trip yesterday…ur right we didnt discuss mr obnox…

  10. I’ve steered clear of the IRRITATING thing so far! Have lost count of the number of invites! I even got one from you! *sniff* Now I understand why and how!

  11. @ Brad: We did! You just didn’t listen carefully enough….its a secret XXFactor code!

    @ Infinity: LOL!

    @ Pooh: Yeah…sometimes it just needs a kick. Same as my computer, the vending machine, my calculator, mobile phone, watch…

    @ Shub: LOL….sorry, extremely sorry about that!

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