Safety valve

Physical pain is a symptom that something is wrong; an alarm that something needs attention. And it keeps getting stronger and stronger till at some point of time you just pass out or at the very least turn numb. That’s because the pain-alarm is obviously failing to grab your attention so the body forces an automatic shutdown…all systems or local mechanisms at least.

Likewise, there comes a time in everyone’s life, in most evolving situations where one just has to say ENOUGH. This isn’t the proverbial last straw, it is the safety valve that one better have learnt if one hasn’t come equipped with it already. You gotta know just how much you can take before you collapse in on yourself…..and make sure you stop plenty before that. If not, the craziness is just going to drive you over the edge.

I guess I’d rather be incomplete than dead.

5 thoughts on “Safety valve

  1. true… atleast incomplete can, at some point, be completed. Or maybe even viewed as complete from another angle.

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