Respect and caring

Your opinion doesn’t affect me since I don’t care for you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you.

Respecting you means that I stand by and for your right to your opinion, your ideas, your ideals, your values, your sucesses and your mistakes. I will defend your right to all these things. And in return, I ask that you respect my rights as well.

Caring on the other hand isn’t linked to respect.Β I may or may not respect you if I care for you. But caring for you means that your happiness will be my responsibility. I will make allowances for your weakness, which leads to and from the fact that I will, inevitably judge you by my belief system. If I find you lacking, however, I will try not to impose my values on you and try instead to accept you as you are. Caring, for me, means acceptance at all levels. Protection as well.

I’ll hold you when you’re hurt
Be silent and steady when you’re being weak
And cover you in the rain

And I will expect no more than complete respect from you, in return.

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